Most of us are attached to our smartphones. There is a lot that your iPhone® can do, thus having it around you makes a lot of sense. However, with increased phone sizes, especially the area where there is a screen, it has become more and more challenging to use your phone with one hand, simply because as the phone size increases, our hands do not, this is where our iPhone grip comes in handy.

iPhone Grip Ring and HolderiPhones® are expensive, and it would be detrimental to lose it or even get it damaged. The phone may drop and crack its screen or get stolen when one is taking a selfie or having a video chat. That is the main reason why an iPhone grip and ring holder is becoming more popular.

Attach the iPhone grip and ring holder to the back of the phone or the phone case, which will allow its users to loop in their fingers and gives the phone an extra level of security in that it cannot easily fall off from the finger or easily be taken by someone else.

The iPhone® grip and ring holder also allows you to use the phone hands-free while it lays on a flat surface. The phone stand is ideal when you intend to watch a movie, music video, or make a video call via Skype® or on FaceTime®.

NuGrip® now offers a combination of a ring and grip holder, which makes it convenient to use one or the other instead of having to purchase two different types. NuGrip®  will also allow you to use the phone hands-free and has many sleek designs, with many more to choose from coming soon.

What are the advantages of using NuGrip® iPhone Grip?

NuGrip® is becoming one of the most popular iPhone® accessories as it is one of the most affordable, and enables you to have a secure grip on your phone without breaking your bank account.

The iPhonegrip and ring holder from NuGrip®, is a knob-like accessory that is attached to the backside of the phone. When the phone is not in use, it will compress down similarly to that of an accordion. With many designs to choose from, the upper side of a NuGrip® can have either a metallic surface or a hard plastic structure.

The lower side consists of sturdy rubber material that is firmly attached to the backside of the iPhone®. The NuGrip® is attached to the phone backside by an adhesive cover. You can remove the upper part of the NuGrip® to charge it or even better to replace it with another design.

What it a NuGrip® phone grip?

The accessories offered by NuGrip® are a combination of a phone grip, ring, and stand all in one. These are accessories that help increase grip on your iPhone® when you are using it or simply want to have it standing while you enjoy a video or call. Also, they will allow you to take selfies, watch videos, or even receive phone calls at your comfort.

The design of our phone rings available at our company makes it easy to fit any finger size. The adhesive used to attach the phone grip and ring to the phone is of high quality and durable, which will ensure your phone does not slide or fall off while using it.

Our iPhone® grip and ring holders allow you to rotate your phone through 360 degrees for you to have multiple viewing angles.

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