Mobile phones are an essential part of our daily lives. However, every time we use them, they are at a high risk of getting bumped, dropped, or even getting snatched from our hands. Having a phone grip on the mobile phone will help avert such a situation, thus saving your mobile phone. A phone grip will offer you more than just the in-hand use. Most of the phone grips will double up as stands, which will allow you to set up your phone in an upright position. Make sure to visit our homepage at

Standard features of our phone grips and stands 

  • It gives the user a secure grip, thus allowing them to text or take photos as well as preventing phone drops, which makes the handling of the phone easy and secure
  • By using a phone ring stand, you will get to use the phone without having to hold it
  • Materials used to make the phone grip and stand makes them reusable
  • The designs are slim and pocket-friendly to allow the phone to fit in the pocket or bag easily
  • Most of our phone grips and stands are compatible with any mobile phone devices, which includes all the phones that operate on IOS or Android system

What makes NuGrip® outstanding among its competitors?

NuGrip® has a cutting edge phone grip and stand that is customized to meet the different demands of the client. Another thing that makes the company stand out is that they ship the phone grips and cell phone stands all over the world, which implies that you can order your phone stand from any part of the world.

When placing an order on the website, be assured of secure payment methods that will not leave you and your credit card vulnerable to online scammers because your credit card information is not saved on the website after making the payment.

Shipping takes up to seven days, and there is the option of tracking your order while it is being shipped. The order is carefully packed to protect it from any damage. Moreover, there is a team of customer care officers who are more than willing to take you through any issue that may arise.

We combine the Popsocket® and the iRing® types of grips and stand to make it more convenient and affordable, which means that you will get the best value for any stand you choose to buy. The pop-up phone stand will allow you to watch your favorite movies, music videos, and taking ground photos without having to hold your phone.

The phone rings and stands are also ideal for FaceTime and Skype. Most of the phone rings and stands offered by us are waterproof and can work well on both metallic and plastic surfaces.

One of the things that make our phone grip and stand unique is that you can attach it comfortably on the dashboard while driving and get to use the phone comfortably. The adhesive used on the phone grip allows you to remove or reposition your phone device as well as change the cases several times. Our professional designers carefully craft the designs to meet the demands of our clients.