Embracing The Use Of Phone Rings

Has your phone ever slipped from your grip? Possibly got damaged totally or only had a crack on the screen? Then you understand the importance of having firm phone grips for your mobile.

Years back, when cellphones were small in size, getting a good cell phone grip was not a significant issue. However, with smartphones that are relatively bigger in format, it is not easy to get a good hold of your phone, and this puts it at risk of falling. NuGrip® has a phone ring holder that is perfect for your device and stylish as well.

The phone ring averts the risks that come with loose grips on the phone. They come in a variety of different colors, which is why they are becoming a must-have for many. Let’s take a closer look at the phone rings, what they are, and how they function.

The Phone Ring AccessoryWhat is the phone ring?

A phone ring is an item with an adhesive that you stick on the back of your phone to provide you with a better phone grip. Phone rings make it easy for you to reach more parts of the screen without straining your fingers or hand. Additionally, they make it safe for you to use your phone even when in motion because of the tight grip on it.

Where will you use the phone ring?

Most people assume that phone rings are meant only to hold the phone. But this item will come in handy when doing several other things like:

  • Taking selfies – If you are a picture lover, then you understand that stability is an essential factor that determines the quality of the picture. The phone grip ring provides you with security since it allows you to hold the phone with a tight grip and reach for the shutter button without stress, which makes it possible to take high-quality selfies to save special memories.
  • Manage wire earphones – Even though all smartphones are capable of wireless audio listening devices, you might want to make use of the headphone jack. The problem comes every time you want to use the earphones, and they are tangled. A phone ring provides an option of wrapping the wire around it so that it does not get tangled every time it is in the pocket.
  • A stand for your phone – Do you watch movies using your phone? Or use it to study notes shared in your class? Then you know how tiring it can be to hold your phone the entire time. You can use the phone ring as a stand and save yourself the stress of having to hold it on your hands for hours, which gives you a better reading or movie watching experience.
Positioning the phone grip ring

Where you place the ring determines the cell phone grip that you get. Place it somewhere that you can easily access the screen and other important buttons. Not so close to the bottom or high up. The size of your hand can also help you know where it will be best to have the ring.

Are phone grip rings reusable?

Yes. You can use your phone grip ring on more than one device, but you have to be careful when removing and reinstalling it on another phone. Remove it by slowly peeling it from the base of your phone; do not use a lot of force lest you damage the backside of your phone. Once you remove the grip, immediately place it on the other phone before its glue dries out.

Get your phone ring today from the wide selection that we have and enjoy a better experience using your phone.